A Unified Perspective on Technology

Technology should be an integral part of your business model and business plan making the technology serve the goals of the business.

Recently I was sitting with a new client and realized that none of the major vendors had ever sat down at the table to hear the direction of the business as the client saw it. In this case, their print vendor had a completely different view for the direction of the company then I heard from the Directors. The print vendor had a managed services agreement that provided more than the company needed to print. We decreased the services to what was needed only and saved the client thousands of dollars per year while maintaining the relationship with the print vendor. A “dirty little secret” about serving people is that they are much happier to see you if they are getting the right deal: one that provides them with what their business needs at levels appropriate for the company’s size and planned growth.

Times and technology have changed from looking at technology services as an hourly charge for a finite list of managed services that can be rendered to a vision of IT as a dynamic process that grows and changes with your business. Just think about that for a moment. In the old model your IT company is paid more for minimum effort. Manage IT offers your business best practices and honesty about our customer interactions. When your technology is not working whose fault is it? You blame your IT company, so we take the blame, and own it. However, to provide you with our best service we need you to give us the authority to quickly fix the problems. Four Directions can monitor your systems remotely and through regular visits to maintain efficiency and minimize any possible downtime but that does require your cooperation in the process by allowing us the access we need to maintain your systems to the best of our ability.

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