Internet Browser Scam

Warning! Internet Browser Scam Alert!
We have received several calls on an internet scam that is popping up nearly everywhere. Even we have run into it on our computers. This is referred to as:scam clip
1) the browser popup virus,
2) FBI scam,
3) drive by virus
4) tech support scam.

Basically what happens is this: as you are visiting a seemingly normal site a popup appears that you cannot click out of or close. If you close the browser and open it again the popup reappears. The popup claims:
A) that you have broken some law and need to pay a fine,
B) or that you need to call a given number for help because your computer has been infected by a virus that they need to remove for you. The operator requires a payment, or tells you that you need to call some other number and pay a fee to remove it.




scam1 clipWhat you need to do is clear the browser history. Once you do it manually I recommend you use CCleaner on your computer to remove any other cookies or temporary internet files still remaining. After that run Malwarebytes to search for any malware. The free versions available online will work fine for this.

The way you can clear browser history is different in the different browsers. In IE and Edge you can do it through the settings or control panel under internet settings. Clear the browser history, temporary internet files and cookies. In Chrome open another window while the main page with the popup is still up, go into settings, click on the advanced link at the bottom and clear the browser settings. Then close both browser windows and reopen to make sure it worked. If it worked the popup will not reappear this time. You need to realize that you may run into this again whenever you browse the web. If that happens, repeat the process.

If you still have issues call YOUR tech support, not the number on the popup and have them remove the virus.scam3 clip

If your tech support can’t do this or you don’t have tech support you can email us for help. Refer to the articles below for more information.

Below are links that contain information on the scam and ways to remove the popup.


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