Why R.E.D. Friday

10486137_10152867425669769_4216885232528875389_nIf you have been on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter for any real amount of time you have probably seen posts about R.E.D. Friday. We have posted about it nearly every week for months and we will continue to post about it. We have received some questions as to what it is about and why we do it. I will explain.

RED Friday, where R.E.D. is an acronym for Remember Everyone Deployed, is both a personal and social media phenomenon where people wear red as a show of support and an act of remembering that there are still men and women overseas serving our country. This event is a weekly thing celebrated every Friday by those who remember. As my business partner Robert likes to say it is Remember Everyone who has Deployed in honor of all who have gone overseas for this country.

As a veteran owned company we have adopted a RED Friday policy where we wear red on Fridays. We feel that if we, a veteran owned company, cannot do these little things in support of our troops and veterans then we cannot expect other companies, groups, and organizations to do likewise.

As a soldier, in service, it meant a lot to me to see who and how many people supported me and my brothers and sisters. Now, as a veteran, it means even more to me that our troops, in every branch, receive our support for what they are doing. There may not be as many service members deployed today as there were 10 years ago but they still need our support, possibly more now that awareness is down. Fewer and fewer people realize that we have people overseas today than just a few years ago.Red_Friday_Logo_Front_New

I hope that more and more people join me to support our troops in this small gesture and then, later, perhaps in other bigger ways. Wear red with us on Fridays and post pictures online with the tag #REDfriday

Show your troops you appreciate them and the sacrifice they make and more importantly let them know that you have not forgotten about them.

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