Helpful and Free Quick reference Guides

Helpful and Free Computer Quick Reference Guides

A Quick Reference Guide is a single page, usually 2 sided, which contains basic information about a topic or program. They are sold in bookstores and are laminated. Topics include Math, English, Science, and Computers. What is really nice is that you can download many for free in PDF form for your personal use.

quick reference guideI recently had my laptop updated to Windows 10 and I am still learning my way around. I decided to see what I could find to help me and found several useful quick reference guides. I started with Google and entered “Free PDF computer quick reference guides”. I actually got some very good results including a “Computer Basics” guide. I refined my search by adding “Windows” and finally “Windows 10” Each time I had some good and some not so good results and I learned a good deal about searching.

Things I learned:
1) Be patient – I had to look at more than one site to find what I really wanted.
2) Don’t settle – If you keep looking you probably can find exactly or almost exactly what you really want or need.
3) Be careful – Some of the sites offer training or goods and services. If you can’t find the free PDF very
quickly I would keep looking elsewhere.
4) Refine your search parameters – for example I added “Windows” and then “Windows 10” to my search.
5) Make sure it is free – Just because your search says “free” doesn’t mean what comes up in the lists is free so
be careful.

There is a lot of information on the internet to help users, we just have to find it. Quick Reference Guides are one example and things you can keep at your fingertips and refer to whenever you need them.


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