What Is the Cloud?

What is the cloud?

The Cloud is the term used for a group of servers that perform different functions for network users like storing data and information as well as maintaining programs and applications for your use.

Let’s explore what the Cloud is and how it works.imgres

You have a workstation, otherwise known as a client, probably a PC, Laptop or an iSomething and on it are the basic programs, apps and other software you have installed that you need for your daily computer use. Along with these programs are the web-based applications that can be used through your browser (Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari) or through an app that connects to the internet. Examples of these applications are web-based email like Yahoo, Gmail, Itunes, google play, google docs, and many others. A very common cloud service is data backup where your data is backed up on the cloud in case your computer dies or so that you can have access to it from any computer that is connected to the internet.

die-cut-stickersNow that we have some examples of what cloud applications and services are let’s talk about what the cloud is. The cloud is simply, just, other computers that are connected via the internet. In many cases, the software or data storage services we use are on servers in large data centers that were built to house hundreds or thousands of computers. In some cases, it is a computer in someone’s basement. In either case, the cloud is a nebulous term used to describe the interconnected network of computers and servers across the globe and the applications and services on those devices.

In short, the Cloud is a remote location for storage of data, information, and programs that can easily be accessed by network devices wherever you can access the internet.

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