The Calculator in Windows 10

The Calculator in Windows 10


I don’t know about you but I don’t use the calculator in my computer. I taught high school math for years so I have a lot of calculators lying around my house. The calculators in the early computers really left a lot to be desired and so I generally ignored them. Things have changed and the calculators have improved.


The calculator in Windows 10 has a whole lot going for it. It has 3 main types of calculators; Standard, Scientific, and Programmer. All appear to be pretty decent and the problems I solved on them were fine. NOTE – I am not a programmer so I did not try that particular example at all. Besides the calculators there are 2 other features, Date Calculation and a Converter.


Date Calculation is simple, it lets you find the difference between 2 dates and it allows you to add or subtract days to a date to find a new date.  Example if I leave on the 23rd of August and I have a 15 day vacation when do I have to be back. What I really liked was the converter.


Under the Converter there is a whole list of common measures, and a few less common ones, that can be very useful.  These include:

  • Volume
  • Length
  • Weight & Mass
  • Temperature
  • Energy
  • Area
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Power
  • Data
  • Pressure
  • Angle

These are very useful in the day to day. I like to get recipes from Facebook and Youtube but some of those are coming from other countries where the measurements are very different and while some programs and sites provide the US equivalents many do not. I like being able to quickly convert a recipe from milliliters to teaspoons or Celsius to Fahrenheit.  Some of the conversion I will never need but there are several that can be very useful.


Am I converted to using the computer’s calculator? Probably not but it is a useful tool to have around just in case. I might need it in a pinch.



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