One Ring Phone Scam

One Ring Phone Scam


My cell phone rings but stops very suddenly before a full ring. It must be a wrong number so I check the number. Hmmm, not one I know. I’m curious BUT I don’t call the number! This is another phone scam going around so you need to be very careful.



  1. Your phone rings just long enough to register a number on your phone.
  2. If you check it out on Google it APPEARS to be in the US. The last one I received appeared to be in New Jersey.
  3. IF YOU CALL THE NUMBER: you will get a recording that says “all operators are busy at this time, please hold.”
    1. The actual call is from another country.
    2. You are being charged for every minute you are on the phone at international rates.



If a company calls you they can’t charge you for the time you are on the phone with them BUT if you call them you can be charged for every minute you are on the phone even when you are on hold.


This scam relies on two things:

  1. Our natural curiosity. We want to know who called us and why.
  2. We are afraid that we missed an important call or that we will miss out on some special deal.


Where scams are concerned you need to protect yourself and there are several things you can do that will help you.

  1. Keep an updated directory in your phone with all your friends and family listed so that when they call their name appears with their phone number.
  2. Remind yourself that if a friend or a family member does call you they will probably let it ring more than once so you have time to answer.
  3. If a number is unfamiliar BE CAREFUL. You can check on phone numbers through the internet. Just enter the number in the search line and hit enter. Usually several sites will be available with information.
  4. If you call the number and they tell you to hold all operators are busy HANG UP IMMEDIATELY! It probably isn’t a friend or family member so assume the worst that it is a scam.
  5. Keep informed about scams and spread the word. You are your best defense against the scammers.



Scammers are constantly revising their scams looking for anyone they can lure into their traps. They are well informed and have advanced technology. If it doesn’t sound right it probably isn’t.

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