Scam: “This is the Return Call You Requested…..”

Scam: “The Return Call You Requested…”


Another day another scam, this one is interesting. The caller ID lists unknown and that immediately makes me suspicious. It is a robo (an automated call made by a computer and not a real person) call, “This is the return call you requested concerning the back brace commercial you saw on TV…..” Hmmm, I don’t watch TV. Haven’t seen any commercials about back braces and never requested a return call. As I said, interesting.


The call continues, “Press 1 to be connected to a live rep and press 2 to stop receiving these calls.”


Press 1 results:

  • An operator or rep comes on the line and asks if you are on Medicare, and if not what insurance you have. They try to get personal information and your Medicare or insurance information so you can be supplied with a “free” back brace at no cost to you.
  • If you ask what company they are with they will tell you it isn’t a company but a service. Sooo, what organization are you representing? Must be too difficult a question the reply is not printable since it consisted of cursing and profanity.
  • Try telling them you never requested a return call and again the reply is unprintable.


Press 2 results:

  • You press 2 and robo rep comes on, “Please hold the line a rep will be with you shortly.”
  • If I wait I am wasting my time because your name is not removed and in the end they will probably cuss at you again.


Moral of the story:

  • They are phishing for your information to make a buck cheating you, the government or your insurance company.
  • NEVER give our personal information. Protect your insurance, Medicare and personal information.
  • Make sure members of your household know if you are expecting a return call from anywhere.
  • If they leave a call back number, don’t call it.


I never trust anyone not willing to tell me the company or organization they work for or anyone who answers my question with more questions or a brush off. I told one rep who wanted to send me something that I didn’t give out information over the phone and she told me well we already have all your information, really, what is my address? She hung up. PROTECT YOURSELF! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!



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