Bank Phone Phishing Scam

Bank Phone Phishing Scam


This month I received a call that was supposedly from my bank. Correct bank, used my name and phone number was reasonable. The woman introduced herself as Tiffany from Compliance, Processing and Monitoring Department. She told me there was missing information on my account and she needed to verify my account information. RED FLAG!! I have had this account for over 40 years and this is the first time they noticed missing information?! I think not. I told her this was an inconvenient time and could I call her back. She gave me a number to call and as soon as I hung up I got on my phone and then my computer. This is what I learned:


From my bank:

  1. My bank had not made the call and there is nothing missing in my account in formation.
  2. If my bank needed information they would write to me and make the request for information or ask me to come in to fill out a form and sign it.
  3. This is a scam to get account information to steal your money and possibly your identity.


On the internet:


The scam follows one or two different scenarios including missing info, like the one used on me, or you could be told that there is a lock or block on your account, your debit card or credit card. There has also been one where they tell you that your card has been used in India or another foreign country and so they need to verify your account information, they may even have part of your account number.


Phishing is an attempt to get you to give out your personal information. The best way to defend against this?


  1. Guard your personal information like a dog guarding a bone, don’t let go of it!
  2. Know how your bank and credit card companies work.
  3. If someone calls you for this information CHECK THEM OUT!! Call the number on your statement and verify if it is really from them. Then ask them how they do contact you for information.
  4. Check the web. You can enter a phone number and check to see if it is associated with a scam.
  5. Check the website for that company. Many companies have info on their site about scams and you can learn about them and report them.
  6. Search the web for current scams; phone scams, bank scams etc.


In researching this I found a lot of people who had the same scam tried on them. One man reported that they asked for the one person in their house who didn’t have an account with that bank. Most companies that are legit will not be offended if you want to protect yourself and they are more than willing to help you.

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