Summons Delivery Scam

Summons Delivery Scam


I got a weird call from a very official sounding man who told me that they had been trying to deliver a summons many time over the last couple of weeks. Really?! I informed him that I was retired and I was at home all day every day and no one had been anywhere near my house with a summons or anything else. He hung up. I decided to find out what was going on.


With a real summons it will be delivered by hand by a process service or if it is a jury summons then it will be sent through the U.S. Postal Service. The courts will never call you over the phone and it will never be done by a recorded voice. The scam appears to work in a couple of different ways.


  1. You are informed that there is a civil complaint against you and they will ask you for information to verify that you are the correct person. Usually it is about you owing someone something and the agent will drop the action for a fee which is usually less than what they say you owe but you must pay it now. They will try to get credit or debit card information. DON’T GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. Find out who you are supposed to owe money to and if it is a company known to you contact them directly. You will probably find out it isn’t true.
  2. You are told there is a legal action pending against you and if you do not pay up now then officers will be sent to your home to arrest you. This is one that I got and I just told them to send them out and arrest me and hung up. Funny thing is no one ever showed up. This is also not the way it works. If there is a warrant out for you they will come to your house to present it NOT call you up and ask for money.


They use scare tactics to get money and information out of you but the problem is that when you start asking questions about the case the information is questionable or not given. You should know that they may have information about you and your family so don’t believe them just because they know your address or how many kids you have.


If you do get this kind of phone call make sure you warn your family members. One woman received this kind of call and when they got nowhere with her they called her father. He was old and easily scared, fortunately he immediately called her.


Summons are hand delivered by a process server and THEY are required serve it in person. They cannot pass it on to anyone to do their job. IT is never done over the phone. Best advice I have, just hang up.


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