Microsoft Word: Shortcut for Making Multiple Corrections

Microsoft Word: Shortcut for Making Multiple Corrections


I recently wrote a blog where I used the term Blu-ray. I wasn’t sure about how to spell it correctly but decided to just write the blog and go back to make the corrections later (see below). I was on a roll and didn’t want to interrupt my work to look it up right at that moment.



It is simple to just go to each incorrect entry and correct it but if you have a lot of corrections to do it can be very time consuming so I used a shortcut that can make it easier and will correct all of the same errors (blu ray) at one time.

1) Highlight the word that needs to be replaced in the document (blu ray). Note that the highlight background is gray.

2) In the Home Menu bar (pictured below) go to the ‘Find’, red circle, button in the upper right and click on it. Every instance of your selected word should be highlighted in yellow.

3) Next, click on ‘Replace’ directly below the Find button (green rectangle), click on it. A ‘Find and replace’ menu will appear (see below) with your selected word in the ‘Find what’ window.

4) The word you highlighted is in the line marked ‘Find what’ window and below that is another window marked ‘Replace with’. Simply type in the correct word or spelling, then select ‘Replace All’ and they will all be automatically corrected. You can replace them one at a time using ‘Replace’ and then ‘Find next’.

Using this shortcut can quickly replace a repeated error in your document with the correct word or spelling. I love that there are so many ways to make my life easier when working on the computer. The problem is learning and remembering all of them.


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