Microsoft Word: Another Shortcut for Multiple Corrections

Microsoft Word: Another Shortcut for Multiple Corrections


I recently wrote a blog with ‘blu ray’ in it and I wasn’t sure about the spelling so I decided to write it and worry about the spelling later (see box below) so I could continue with my train of thought. I usually make a note about coming back to something like this so I can be sure I don’t forget later.

There are multiple corrections to be made and I can just go in and correct each one individually but if there are a lot of the same correction there are shortcuts that can make your time more efficient. The first way I found to do this was using the ‘Find’ button in the ‘Home’ menu bar, in this case I will be using Ctrl H. It is basically the same process and is described in my blog ‘Microsoft Word: Shortcut for Making Multiple Corrections’.

  • Hit Ctrl and H at the same time. A ‘Find and replace’ menu will pop up (see below).

  • Fill in the ‘Find what’ window with the word to be corrected, in this case blu ray.
  • Fill in the ‘Replace with’ window with the correction, in this case Blu-ray.
  • Click the ‘Replace all’ button on the bottom and all the corrections will be made. Note: you can click ‘Replace’ and then ‘Find Next’ and do each correction separately if you choose.

I do a lot of writing on my computer and make mistakes. It is especially helpful having shortcuts to make fixing errors quicker and easier especially when you make the same error more than once. The more I work on the computer the more I learn about the amazing things that my computer can do to make my life easier and have a document that has both correct spelling and grammar.

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