Windows 10 and a Frozen Printer

Windows 10 and a Frozen Printer


You’re working on a project then you go to print and …… the printer freezes. It happened to me recently and I did all the usual: cancel printing – the printer just sat there; cancel all printing – nothing; rebooted the printer (turned it off waited turned it on) – I think my printer is laughing; so turned them both off – nothing but laughter. At this point I had to leave to be somewhere.


I didn’t get back to it for a few days and the printer was still frozen so I decided to explore my Windows 10, which I haven’t had for very long, and see what I can do. I opened my Windows menu then Settings menu (looks like a gear) and opened the devices menu and selected my printer. I was given 3 choices:

I decided to check out the ‘Manage’ button and see what it could do for me.

I’ve used the ‘Open print queue’ before so skip that; ‘Print test page’ was not going to help; but ‘Run the troubleshooter’  is something I haven’t seen before. Let’s try that. The program started right away and started reporting immediately:

Detecting Problems

Gathering Information from devices

Problem Detected

Fixing Problem

Problem Fixed

It worked very quickly and my printer was cleared.

The programs I have used before did not have a printer troubleshooter and this was a pleasant surprise with Windows 10. It worked very quickly and I could get back to work. I didn’t have to get help from an IT Tech and so I didn’t lose more time waiting for help. The program is new to me and I am enjoying learning all the various aspects to make the work I do on my computer more efficient and even enjoyable. I look forward to finding out what else Windows 10 can do.

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