Windows 10: Using the Snipping Tool to Create Screenshots

Windows 10: Using the Snipping Tool to Create Screenshots


I have been working with Excel and Word with my blogs and I have created some nice screenshots to illustrate them. It has been a learning process that started on the internet with a search for how to take screenshots or how to use the snipping tool. I now feel very comfortable using the snip tool to create custom screenshots for my blogs.

Start by finding your snipping tool:

  1. Click on the start menu.
  2. Start typing ‘snipping’. Really, you just start typing when you open the start menu. At first I looked for an information bar to click on and type in but you don’t need one – just start typing and a menu, like the one to the right, will appear as soon as you type in the first letter and it will refine itself as you continue typing.
  3. Click on the blue bar with ‘Snipping tool’.
  4. A new menu will appear for the actual snipping tool (see below).

Now we need to look at the choices we have with our snipping tool. There are four choices: New, Delay, Cancel and Options. Cancel is self-explanatory, you started to snip something and need to cancel it for whatever reason.


NEW: The ‘New’ button gives a drop-down menu with four more choices.

  1. Free-form snip – this is for those special pictures that a rectangle really doesn’t show to the best advantage. Like a hot-air balloon you want to drop in the corner of a story but not take up all the space with a large rectangle.
  2. Rectangular form – like the ones I have used here.
  3. Window form – I haven’t tried this one yet, maybe that should be my next project, it’s a little too long to do here.
  4. Full-Screen form – self-explanatory.


DELAY– This just allows you to delay the snip up to 5 seconds to get just the right screenshot.


OPTIONS – I haven’t really needed to change the settings here but you do have options available (see figure on the right).

The three screenshots included here are examples of the use of the snipping tool. I do advise trying the snipping tool before you really need it so you can experiment and become comfortable using it.

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