Windows 10: Taking a Screenshot Without Snipping

Windows 10: Taking a Screenshot Without Snipping


I have been creating a lot of screenshots using the snipping tool but I did run into difficulties with capturing the images of some drop-down menus. I did find a straightforward way to get around the difficulty. I was trying to snip the drop-down menu for the Shapes in the Insert menu. Every time I activated the snipping tool in the start menu the drop-down menu disappeared before I could do anything. What do I do now?


  • Open the insert menu.
  • Click on shapes.
  • When the shapes drop-down menu appears the hold down the Fn + Prnt Scn buttons. A screen shot has been taken of your page and is in the clipboard. NOTE – I did this on a blank page so there would be no distraction. Also, When I looked this up online the directions said to use ALT + Prnt Scn so you need to check your keyboard to see which setup to use.
  • Open a blank page and hit Ctrl V to copy the image to that page.
  • Now You can either save that page or
  • Use the snipping tool to get the exact image you what and save it to your screenshots menu.

The figure below is the screenshot I took using this method. It shows the whole page that I was working with and I just wanted to have the Shapes menu without all the blank page or the menu bar showing. Next I switched back to the using the snipping tool to modify it for use in the blog.

To the right is the final clip I used in my blog to show the choices you have in the Shapes menu. It takes up less space than the full screenshot but it has all the details of what is available in the Shapes menu. I got exactly what I wanted with just a couple of extra steps. Being flexible and thinking outside the box can lead to learning new things that are very useful.



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