Scam: Civil Procedures Division Calling

Scam: Civil Procedures Division Calling


There are new scams popping up every day. They can be entirely new, variations on an old theme or combinations of different but familiar scams. The most recent one I encountered was from a real person who stated that they were calling from the Civil Procedures division and had legal documents to deliver. They will usually ask for someone by name, yours, a family member or in my case someone I had never heard of before. Since it was someone I had never heard of, “No one here by that name, never has been.” Then, I hung up.


Things you need to be aware of in dealing with these phone calls:

  1. They may know real facts about your family. Don’t be fooled by this. It is easy to get information about people through the internet including family information and credit information.
  2. They will try to intimidate you. In this instance, they will tell you that a bank, credit card or other company are suing you for money owed and have issued a summons which you did not acknowledge. They give you an amount say $547 that is owed and they are suing for $5547, thousands more than the claimed debt.
  3. They will try to get money out of you immediately saying they will settle for $750 to forget the whole thing.
  4. They will try to get an account number, credit card number etc.


What you should and should not do:

  1. The first is the easiest: Hang up.
  2. Never give out personal or financial information.
  3. Report call to FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and give as much information as you can.
  4. If you feel you need to check into this, ask questions.
    1. What is the name of the company suing me?
    2. Where is it located?
    3. How can I contact them?
    4. Where did the summons originate and what is its date?
    5. What is your name?
    6. Where is your office located?
    7. How can I reach you?
  5. If you recognize the company as one you deal with then call them through their usual phone numbers and ask about the summons or lawsuit. If will probably be negative.


They will usually hang up if you start asking questions and if they do give you some information they usually stumble as you continue asking questions.


I have had a call that was similar where they claimed they had been trying to serve legal papers for weeks but they were stunned and hung up when I explained that I was home all day every day and no one had shown up. Another caller told me that they were sending someone to arrest me, they had my correct name, but if I paid so much money they would forget the whole thing. I told them, “Come and get me, I’ll be waiting.” No one showed up.


Don’t let them intimidate you with threats. They count on you being afraid. Check the facts they give you online. Finally, be skeptical. Below are two sites that I found interesting and useful but there are many others. Educate yourself for your own protection.


Received a call from “The Civil Procedures Division” – Just Answer


Scam Call Fighters—Litigation-Call–42708.html



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