Changing the Background of Your Gmail Homepage

Changing the Background of Your Gmail Homepage


There are various features you can interact with on the Gmail page that can be used to modify and customize you Gmail page for your use if you know about them. I didn’t but through some exploration and a little help from others I have learned some new and useful things. Below is a screenshot of the Gmail menu. I want to zoom in on the area in the red box (enlarged below) for this blog.


Even this box at the left is too much to cover in one blog so for now I will look at the settings button (see green arrow, it looks like a gear). When you click on the settings button you will get a new menu below.





Click on themes. The page below will appear and you will be prompted to “Pick Your Theme”. You can choose one of the pictures shown for your Gmail background or scroll down for solid color choice and a few more pictures. At the bottom right of the page you can select “My Photos” (yellow circle) and import your own pictures to use as your background.


To insert your own photo, you click on “My Photos”. You will see a new screen above. I have one photo that has already been uploaded and to use that one I would simply click on it and click select at the bottom. To upload a photo from your computer files, click “Upload a photo”. A screen will appear with the prompt “Drag Photo Here”. Simply minimize your Gmail screen, open your photo file, pick up and drag your photo to the prompt. Your picture will appear on the themes page grid as one of your choices.


The background will be changed to the color or picture you have chosen but the tabs, and messages will remain in the default colors. Now you can make the page show your chosen theme. You can use family photos or seasonal themes to make your background exactly what you want.






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